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Spring Seed Starting

April 10, 20241 min read

Here we GROW Again, at Mason’s Island Marina🧑‍🌾🧑‍🌾

What’s more FUN than Growing a Garden by yourself??

Growing with LOTS more people, That is what is More FUN!!

My mission by the End of 2025 is to create Community Gardens and teach education programs from at least 10 Corporate locations within 30 minutes of the Norwich area; these will include Wellness Centers, Restaurants, Schools, Senior Centers, Marinas, B&B’s, Care Facilities, Business Hubs, and more…

The owners of Mason’s Island Marina, Jack & Eileen Morehouse, have partnered with Jan-YourGardenGURU to create a beautiful, bountiful Garden space. Their staff and boating community are going to love watching the plants and flowers grow, and maybe even munching on some of that delicious food that will be available.

Jack and Eileen Morehouse, owners of the marina, are actively incorporating additional "Green initiatives" into their business. Their plan to introduce a beautiful Kitchen Garden, as a means to enhance the marina's sense of community, will undoubtedly be a valuable and well-received addition.

Thank you to talented builders, Sal and his son, Luca Restuccia, who worked hard to create these beautiful garden beds.

~Jan Mallett

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