Meet Jan Mallett

Skilled Business Coach & Certified Master Gardener

Jan Mallett was transplanted to CT from New Mexico just over 52 years ago. She is married, has 2 grown children and 2 teenage grandchildren. She has always lived in the "nurturing/consultant" role. Jan worked for 35 years as a Real Estate consultant, serving the needs of her home buyers and sellers; she helped to solve their Real Estate problems, achieve their dreams.. She married into a gardening family, so to be “well-armed “, she earned her Master Gardener certification. She believes that having a “green thumb” is something you continue to cultivate through lots of practice, trial and error. She learned all about row gardening and patch gardening from her hard-working mother-in-law and husband. She has also done straw-bale gardening, Aero gardening(hydroponics), greenhouse gardening, and container gardening.

Jan has grown in all types of soil, conditions, big gardens, and tiny windowsill gardens. "I can’t wait to help you realize the gardening dreams you envision for yourself."

This gal is helping me set up my kitchen garden. She is a great designer and a thoughtful teacher, based on your personal garden needs. Whether it's flowers or veggies you want, give her a shout. She can help you!

Suzu M.

I want to thank Jan from "Jan-YourGardenGURU". She created a blueprint for your new kitchen garden. She showed me how to garden year round, and what to plant for different seasons. It was really nice to be able to put my vegetable/herb garden in her capable hands. Thank you, Jan!

Terry S.

We are grateful that we found Jan. She took the time to really listen to what we wanted out of our kitchen garden, and did her best to plot and create a beautiful garden that will yield delicious salads and veggies for years to come! Thanks, Jan!

Kimberly N.

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